Sliding wardrobe doors are a practical addition to a small bedroom. Unlike hinged doors, sliding doors don't require space to swing open. Instead, they open sideways, which makes them ideal for small bedrooms. However, some features of sliding wardrobe doors aren't suitable for small spaces. If you want to save space and improve your room's aesthetics, consider these essential features when buying sliding wardrobe doors.

Practical number of door panels 

The sliding door design allows you to include as many door panels as is practical for your space. However, using multiple panels may not be a great fit for your small bedroom. If you have a small wardrobe, opt for just two sliding panels. Two panels will appear large, which you want for your small room. Don't install three or four panels, as they will occupy valuable space that you could have used for storage. Installing multiple panels in a small wardrobe can also ruin the visual appeal of the entire room. 

Thin door panels

Door panels come in varying thicknesses. The thicker the panel, the more space it will occupy in your closet. Thick doors leave you with little room for storage, forcing you to find other storage solutions in your bedroom. Consequently, your room may end up looking cluttered and appealing. You can save valuable space by opting for thin door panels. These occupy less space in the closet, allowing you to store more clothes, shoes and accessories and declutter your bedroom.

Glass or mirror finish

Solid doors are ideal for both small and large bedrooms. However, you can make your room feel larger and airier by investing in glass doors or mirror-finished wardrobe doors. Glass doors allow you to see inside the closet when the doors are closed. However, you can use translucent or frosted finishes on the door to conceal the wardrobe's contents. Conversely, mirrored doors reflect light and create the illusion of space. They make the bedroom look larger than it is, which is a great feature for a small room. 

Small door handles

Sliding doors save more space when paired with small door handles. Large handles can occupy valuable space around the closet area. If you have kids, avoid large handles because a child can accidentally run into a wardrobe door handle and get hurt. Opt for small handles that won't occupy valuable space in your bedroom. Alternatively, use recessed sliding door handles, which are concealed within the door unit instead of protruding out of the door. They come in various materials and finishes, allowing you to choose your preferred style.

Consider these tips when shopping for sliding wardrobe doors for your small bedroom. For installation services, consult a door contractor.