Security doors are beneficial for reinforcing residential entrances. The installation of this feature will provide an additional layer of defence during an attempted break-in. As a result, the intruder will be deterred or delayed, ensuring the security of the home. Moreover, a security door is perfect as a safety measure if you like opening your doors to allow for natural ventilation. Regardless of your purpose, you must ensure that the security door is tough and resilient for long-term service. Here are essential tips for acquiring a durable door.

Check the Structure

The construction of the security door will determine its ability to withstand external stress. If the structure is unreliable, the feature could fail due to mechanical impact or other sources of strain. Physical vulnerability will make the door vulnerable to burglars with strength and tools. Therefore, when purchasing your new security door, evaluate the materials used in construction. Opt for a solid steel structure for maximum protection. Check the strength of the bars or grilles used in fabrication, and make sure they can withstand pressure. If you would like an aluminium door, choose structural aluminium doors for good performance.

Plan for Corrosion

Corrosion is a significant concern when installing security doors. These features are manufactured using carbon steel, and this material will experience rusting over time due to exposure to air and moisture. The corrosion problem can lead to the weakening of the door structure and subsequent vulnerability to impact. Therefore, choose a security door with appropriate corrosion protection. Usually, a coated door will last longer because of the lack of interaction with the harsh environment. You should look for long-term coatings like galvanisation and powder coating. However, you can also opt for a painted security door. If you select a simple coat, plan for regular maintenance and repainting for long-term use.

Consider Certification

Some homeowners purchase simple screen doors instead of durable security doors due to the lack of knowledge. In simple terms, the appearance of a screen seems sufficient for providing the additional layer of protection. However, in most cases, the feature is simply a fly screen, and it cannot withstand the stress of an attempted break-in. Therefore, check the certification provided for security doors before purchasing a unit. The certification should indicate the standards used in the design and manufacturing of the door. Moreover, there should be a guarantee that the door has been tested using common burglary techniques and found secure. Finally, check on the stability and performance of the hardware, including the hinges and locks. 

For more information, contact a security door service.