Suppose you own or run a commercial premises, be it an office complex or residential accommodation. In that case, you must ensure the safety of all people working, residing and visiting the existing building. One of the key ways to do so is ensuring you have designated fire doors and escape routes in the event of a fire breakout. That said, your fire protection design does not end here. You also need to ensure door efficiency and compliance through a bi-annual fire safety statement to ensure the well-being of building occupants and emergency responders. Here are a few tips to help you assure compliance with your building's fire protection system. 

Check Them Regularly 

Sometimes, simple walk-throughs from time to time are all you need to catch damage and functionality issues on your fire doors. Routine checkups will allow you to pay close attention to hinges, door frames, intumescent strips, closing devices, lever handles and locks. If any of these components are causing any trouble, no matter how minor, get them repaired as soon as possible. The last thing you want is a door hiccup during an inspection, or worse, during a fire outbreak. 

Ensure Fire-Rated Fittings 

Each fire-rated door must include correct bolts, knobs, frames, closers, handles coordinator devices and more. Since different doors have different specifications, each fire-rated door in your building must have fire door fittings intended for use against fire to demonstrate compliance. Matching your door with the right fire-resistant hardware will also help maintain the door's integrity and ensure safe operations in an emergency. For example, fire door closures prevent fire and smoke from spreading to other areas of the building, so selecting the proper closure is critical to your fire protection system. 

Be Careful With Paint 

Although fire doors can be painted with regular paint, you want to make sure you avoid excessively think layers to prevent tampering with their fire rating. Where possible, go for custom fire doors that are purposely made in line with your building's interior appearance. If you must paint your doors to match your business colour, make sure to use fire-rated painting from reliable suppliers to adhere to fire safety standards. Avoid painting your fittings or hardware because paint accumulation on any movable parts can affect efficiency. 

When it comes to fire door safety compliance, you want to make sure you keep up with regular maintenance from a certified individual. Investing in new doors after years of use or when there is visible damage is essential to passing fire safety certification. To learn more, contact a company that offers annual fire safety statements.