If you need maximum protection from sunlight in any room of your home, you may be thinking of adding blackout blinds to the windows. This choice can be effective in some cases, but roller shutters offer some great advantages over blinds, curtains, and interior shades. Note a few of those advantages here, so you can determine the right choice for your home's windows.

Added security

Exterior roller shutters will mean added security for the windows, as they're difficult to pry away from the window or bend out of their frame. In turn, they can keep out intruders just as well as a set of security bars or security screens. This makes roller shutters a very good choice in high crime areas, and especially for first-floor windows that are often targeted by prowlers.

Added insulation

Windows are a common area where homes lose air conditioning and heating, and especially for older homes, where window frames may tend to sag so that gaps and leaks form. Roller shutters can help insulate the area around windows, covering the glass and the frame itself so that less heating and air conditioning can leak outside. In turn, you may enjoy a more comfortable interior space and lower utility bills throughout the year.

Noise insulation

Blackout blinds may block light, but do little to block sound. If your home is located near a busy highway or school, if you have noisy neighbours, or if you need to sleep during the day, roller shutters can block out any outside noise. This can also be a good choice if you're the noisy one; if your band practices at your home or you enjoy the stereo sound from your home theatre system, installing roller shutters can keep that noise from reaching your neighbours.

Storm protection

Blackout blinds won't protect your windows from high winds or hail. During strong storms, even the vibration of heavy rain or nearby thunder can shatter or crack windows, as can falling tree branches and other such debris. For homes located in areas with strong storms, roller shutters can mean more security for the windows and less risk of having to replace them after every storm.

Increased resale value

Blackout blinds may do little to increase your home's resale value, but potential homebuyers may appreciate all the advantages of roller shutters listed above. If you ever put your home on the real estate market, having roller shutters installed can mean an increased value and more potential buyers.