Most of us use curtains, blinds or shutters on our windows--but are you doing the same for your external doors? It doesn't seem as common to dress a door as it is to dress a window, but in truth, there are plenty of good reasons to invest in some specialised door coverings for your home. Read on to learn more about why you should consider it!

  1. Covering your doors can save you money and give the environment a helping hand. You'll have heard about how important it is to make sure your insulation is up to scratch--but doors lose as much heat as windows do, so make sure you're not neglecting them! By covering your doors, you can keep your energy bills down and control the temperature of your home by not risking losing heat in the winter or conditioned air in the summer. This is good for the planet and for your energy bills.

  2. Covering your doors can help you control your home's temperature without risk of unwanted visitors. Sometimes you just want a little fresh air--but bugs, mosquitoes and other pesky insects love to come inside when you leave your doors open! Dressing your door as you would a window can help you keep those bugs out and still enjoy a cooling breeze. If you live in an area with a particularly large number of these pests, considering having a screen installed to really make sure nothing can get in.

  3. Covering your doors can help you dress a room in a stylish, coherent way--even if your door is UPVC. There are loads of good reasons to invest in UPVC doors, but they're often not the most attractive feature of a room. Custom door coverings can help you style your space the way you want, without needing to make any sacrifices on your home's safety or energy efficiency.

  4. Covering your doors can be good for your health and your sleep cycle. If there's an external door in your bedroom--such as one leading to a balcony--blocking the light and sound from it is a great way to ensure a fantastic night's sleep. You wouldn't leave your bedroom windows undressed, so why do the same for your doors?

Convinced yet? One of the most efficient ways to take advantage of these benefits is to invest in a set of roller blinds custom-made for use on doors rather than windows. Contact a local manufacturer with your measurements today to reap the rewards!