Window repairs and maintenance is part of keeping this aesthetic gem looking fresh in your home. But despite your best efforts, sometimes mould and mildew can form over the wooden frame. Making an effort to remove this mildew will go a long way in preventing expensive window repairs later if left untreated. This guide is designed to equip you with steps for removing mildew from your wooden window frame.

Prepare a Solution for Removing Mildew

You will need to mix a full cap of laundry detergent with warm water and a few spoons of chlorine bleach into a large spray bottle. Mix thoroughly to ensure that the solution blends well. Chlorine bleach acts as a powerful disinfectant and sanitiser, which cuts through the mildew to loosen it from the surface of your window frames. Since chlorine bleach is powerful, you should make sure that the room is well ventilated when removing mildew. Always make sure you have your gloves on to avoid any skin irritation.

Spray Mildew With Cleaning Solution

Spray the cleaning solution along the mildew-laden areas of the window frame and saturate them as much as possible. Let the solution soak in the wood for several minutes. This will soften and loosen the mildew from the surface, make it easier for you to undertake any further window repairs and maintenance, if needed. Scrub the mildew with a sponge and remove it thoroughly from the surface of the window frame.

Rinse With Clean Water

Once you finish removing the mildew with the sponge, rinse it out and apply the clean sponge along the surface of the window frame to wash the cleaning solution away. Make sure you do a thorough job because you don't want to leave any residual mildew on the frame. If there are any remainder signs of mildew, you may have to repeat the steps again with a slightly stronger concentration of bleach in the spray bottle because this should kill the remaining mildew. If you aren't dealing with mass amounts of mildew, you can use sandpaper or steel wool to scrub it out. Let the wood frames dry completely.

Apply Paint Or Stain With Anti-Mould Properties

You will need to coat the wooden frames with anti-mould paint or stains as part of this window repairs and maintenance task. The stain or paint will prevent mildew from returning for a long time. This step will completely refurbish the look of your old windows to give them a near-new look, while protecting them from mould and mildew.

Follow these steps to remove mildew as part of your window repairs and maintenance effort.