If you run your own business, one of your biggest worries might be that it isn't secure enough at night when you lock up. Even if you have business insurance to cover your potential losses, you should still do your best to protect the building from intruders. Here are some tips to keep burglars and vandals out, letting you rest easy.

Install Security Doors and Windows

You can start securing the building by having the best doors and windows installed. Security doors provide a great option because they are generally made of steel and nearly impossible to break down. Combine the security doors with double deadbolt locks, and no burglar is going to be able to get through that door when it is locked. Security windows are also difficult to break in order to gain access to your business, both because of the strength of the window and frame as well as the bars you can have installed on them. Security doors and windows block all entrance points into the building, which is one of your best lines of defense.

Make the Entrances More Visible

In addition to the security doors and windows, you should make all entrances more visible. Burglars don't want to get caught, so if there is too much light and visibility in places they will attempt to break in, they probably won't bother. Always have plenty of light inside and outside your business. Trim trees and bushes that might be providing a potential criminal a place to hide from the street when breaking into the business. If you don't want lights on all the time, have sensor lights that turn on when someone gets close to the door.

Get a Video Surveillance System

You may also feel better if you can keep an eye on certain areas of your business, which is possible with a video surveillance system. This involves video cameras placed in certain parts of the building, both inside and out. Not only does surveillance let you see who is around your building and possibly trying to break in, but it can capture the physical attributes of someone who successfully gets into the building. Provide the footage to local police, and they might be able to catch the individual.

Use an Alarm System with Sensors

Finally, every business should have an alarm system. This can scare off a burglar when an alarm goes off if they try to open a door or break a window. Have signs out front making it obvious you have an alarm, and an intruder might not even bother.