A severely damaged garage door allows the elements into your garage, and it leaves everything in your garage on display for your neighbours to see. Luckily, if you aren't ready to invest in a new garage door yet, there are other alternatives. Here are some temporary garage door solutions for you to try:

Plastic sheeting

If you need an instant solution to the gaping hole in the front of your garage, consider plastic sheeting. You can buy large rolls of it relatively inexpensively at most hardware stores, and securing it in place is as simple as stapling it around your garage door frame.

Make sure to leave a bit of excess sheeting along the floor. This gives you a bit of extra protection and prevents air from sweeping into the garage underneath your plastic.

Particle board

For a slightly more permanent situation, consider covering your garage door area with particle board. Gently place it in the opening of your garage door. Then, grab some small pieces of wood.

Use nails to attach these small pieces in even intervals running along the edges of the garage door opening -- the pieces of wood should sit half along the inside of the garage door frame with their other halves over the particle board, holding it into place.

This technique provides security to your garage in that no one can access it through the main door. However, it also doesn't allow you to easily park your car in the garage. If you want to use your garage for more than a tool storage place, you need a temporary door that can open.

Temporary carriage style garage door

If you love carriage style doors, you can use them permanently, but in a pinch, they work as temporary doors until you are ready to put in actual, automatic roller doors.

To install a carriage style door, you need to install tracks and brackets along the top of the door. Then, you need to fit in sturdy wooden doors that are the same height as your garage door opening. If you find old interior or exterior doors that are roughly the same height as your garage door opening, you can use them -- simply bind them together with metal brackets to create the width you need.

Alternatively, you can make your own carriage style doors. Check out the fence and gate section at the local hardware store. There, you will likely find all the handles, pickets, hinges and everything else you need to create your own carriage style design.

These temporary measures can be useful, but you should contact a local garage door installation company as soon as possible to have new garage doors installed to protect your property.