If your screen door isn't working correctly, you don't necessarily need to throw it in the rubbish and start over. Luckily, there are multiple parts of screen doors that can easily be replaced. Want to extend the life of your screen door? Then, you need to know how to replace or repair these four elements:

1. Handle

If the handle on your sliding screen door breaks or if you simply want a new look, you can replace the handle easily. Most standard handles attach with one or two screws that attach the two sides of the plastic handle over the screen. Simply unscrew the old handle and install the new one.

2. Rollers

The rollers rest in the top and bottom of your screen door, and they help it glide along its tracks. If your screen door refuses to open, the issue may be with the rollers. Try cleaning the tracks and adding a spot of grease to the rollers -- that often helps the screen door to open or close more easily. 

You can also replace the rollers. Use a screwdriver to dislodge them from the door, and take them to a screen door and window company, such as Mitchell Aluminium, to help you find replacements. To add the replacement rollers to your door, just gently press them into place until they lock in.

3. Screen

If the screen in your door gets a hole in it, there is no need to worry. It is fairly easy to replace. Measure the door, and contact a screen door company to order a piece of screen that is the size of the door plus about 10 centimetres along each side.

To remove the old screen, simply pull it out. It is held in place with a long piece of rubber called a spline, and the spline will become dislodged as you pull out the old screen.

To put in the new screen, you need a spline installation tool. This tool looks like a tiny pizza cutter. You position the screen over the door, lay the spline on top of the screen, and then use the installation tool to push the spline and screen into the grooves along the edge of the door. When you are done, you cut away the excess screen.

4. Spline

While you are putting a new screen in your screen door, you can also replace the spline. Similarly, if the screen is coming loose at its edges but it is intact, you can replace just the spline but use the same screen.